Legal Definition of Death

The issue of a clear legal definition of death resurfaced after the brain-death certification process in Kerala was challenged in the Kerala High Court. The State Government set up an expert committee to draw up Standard Operating Procedures for more fool-proof measures for the same, to rule out any possibilities of manipulation or coercion to…
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Hoisting the Tricolour; Rightfully and with Dignity

The Indian National flag represents the hopes and aspirations of the people of India. It is the symbol of our national pride deriving universal affection and respect, loyalty. Yet, a perceptible lack of awareness is noticed not only amongst people but also in the organisations/agencies of the Government, in regard to the laws, practices and…
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Why Brand the Business?

Branding is the most powerful business toll available today. Some people feel that branding is marketing blah blah backed by advertising jargon. However, branding has moved well beyond the marketing function to demonstrate its overall role in building strong business. Interbrand’s valuation of the world’s biggest brands clearly demonstrates in business terms the huge financial…
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