Break Up Fees in India

Break-up fees are normally used in huge M&A transactions/deals. The goal of a break fee is to keep the parties invested in closing the deal in a healthy manner. Should the parties fail to do so, they become liable for large break-up fees. The addition of a brak fee is considered safe armor for such…
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Indian Patent Law: The Fate of Fintech

Electronic payment methods has resulted in a striving competition between financial institutions. Consequently a number of patents filed in the Financial Sector have increased exponentially across the globe indicating strong propagation of innovative Financial Technology (FinTech) solutions worldwide. With the onset of Blockchain technology, it has become a vital part of the current innovation in…
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Inadequate Deterrent: Medical Malpractice in India

The enactment of Consumer Protection Act, 1986 brought the much needed relief to the general Indian consumer against goods/service providers. It was after the Supreme Court decision in Indian Medical Association v. V.P. Santha in December, 1995, that medical patients were granted the right to seek relief through the fast track procedure under the Consumer…
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