Intellectual Property Law

In our Intellectual Property practice, Kashyap & Kashyap works on protecting materials through copyright, trademark and patents. We help file for these protections both in the Indian, as well as, United States IP Authorities. Our expert attorneys also advise on the protections afforded to intellectual property, help formulate how to license or sell rights in IP, issue takedown and violation notices, and work through the process of securing intellectual property rights for all our clients

At Kashyap & Kashyap, we provide services for intellectual property of all kinds – including copyrights, patents and trademarks – and for every type of producer – from individual inventors, to production houses registering works for hire. We also perform full IP audits and counselling in both India and the US – wherein we analyze and provide advisory opinions both on legal barriers and social mores relevant to your work.

Our intellectual property lawyers are amongst the best; trained and licensed in the New York and India. Our services are available both through our Indian offices in New Delhi and Gurgaon, as well as online.

Our Intellectual Property Services Include: