ADR Legal Counselling

The benefits of parties engaging in alternative dispute resolution to resolve legal difficulties are numerous. Parties can settle their disputes on their own terms and this often brings a great feeling of relief. ADR can also proceed in a timely manner and is more cost-effective than going to court.

However, each case is different and the appropriate type of ADR for each case will be different. It will depend on the complexity of the problems and on the attitudes and conduct displayed by the parties to date and their willingness to engage in an open and frank way manner to resolve their disputes. In some case, there may disadvantages in using some methods of ADR especially in cases where one of the parties does not intend to compromise, when it is a complex case or where there is a power imbalance between the parties. Figuring out which situation you are in can prove tricky for the untrained eye.

That is where we come in. Our team of legal experts provide you with the tools you need to select the appropriate form of ADR for your case - and get through your ADR process quickly, confidently, and with every legal tool at your disposal. Our ADR legal counselling can help you through many issues, including:

  • Choosing the appropriate ADR method.
  • Counselling regarding the ADR clause in the contract agreement.
  • Choice of law and seat of arbitration in case of international arbitration.
  • Appointment of mediator, conciliator or arbitrator.

We Can Help!
Understanding numerous legal issues involved in your business can be overwhelming, even under the best of circumstances. But our legal expertise is at your service: both to explain the legal requirements and commitments that apply to your unique circumstances and provide guidance on how best to steer through the choppy waters of the law.

Our dispute resolution lawyers counsel our clients on the choice of ADR methods. We analyse the dispute at hand legally and strategically to advice the client on the choice of ADR, the type of ADR and the related issues.

At Kashyap & Kashyap, we provide affordable, low cost services and exceptional legal advice to clients of every size and corporate structure – from individuals, to fresh startups, and even to international corporations involved in large-scale business.

Our offices use only the most selected and qualified ADR lawyers available, trained and licensed in both the US and India. We provide these legal services through our New Delhi and Gurgaon offices, online, as well as in-person, onsite visits for larger international corporations.

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