Competition Law & Anti-Trust

Antitrust or competition laws are relevant to companies looking to expand, needing to defend themselves against attacks from competitors and agencies alike, and wanting to keep their businesses focused on commercial issues rather than on litigation and seemingly endless investigations.

Our dedicated Competition Law team along with the integrated litigation and regulatory practice work together seamlessly to give us and our clients the best standard of result. We exercise utmost sensitivity while dealing with competition and antitrust cases, especially when it involves clients accused of cartel activity in particularly sensitive sectors, high profile or ground breaking merger control work and abuse of dominance representation. The team spends a considerable amount of time and effort in getting to know the client’s industry in order to appreciate and understand sector specific issues and the clients’ interests.

At Kashyap and Kashyap, you leave your worries of Competition Law agencies at our doorstep so that you can focus on doing business with ease.

A Varied Process
Engaging with anti-trust and competition laws involves a variety of distinct processes, such as:

Anti-Competitive Agreements:
Competition Agencies both, in India and in US are empowered to scrutinise agreements, to see whether they result in an appreciable adverse effect on competition in the relevant market. Our team works rigorously to ensure that the agreements are in compliance with the relevant provisions of law.

Abuse of Dominant Position
Competition Law mostly does not ban or restrict having a dominant position in the market, instead it focuses on prevention from abuse of the said dominant position. Our team advises our clients on how to proceed with their transactions, particularly pricing, discount programmes and business agreements in order to ensure that the laws are complied with.

Cartel Investigations & Litigation:
Cartel Investigations by the Competition Law Agencies can be quite a burden as they may amount to heavy fines along with seizure of the compounds. Since the Agencies have been given such wide powers to deal with the matters of Cartel, they tend to disturb the business activities in a way that impacts your growth. So, our team advises the clients of a potential investigation and further helps with step-by-step procedure to avoid the scrutiny. Furthermore, our litigation department helps with the matters of cartel that are pending before the Commissions or the Courts, as and when required.

Competition Compliance Programmes:
We offer programmes to the clients where we review their business activities to provide a structured understanding of whether they might be approached by the Competition Law agencies for any non-compliance. Further, we assist the clients in understanding the various requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to ensure that the business is in compliance with the standards set in the law.

We Can Help!
Going through the anti-trust or competition law processes can be very difficult without experienced legal advice. But we, at Kashyap and Kashyap, are here to help.

We can help you get through whatever transaction is in question – whether anti-competitive agreements, abuse of dominant position, or cartel investigations. We also provide a comprehensive competition compliance program – helping you get ahead of any potential problems before they arise.

At Kashyap and Kashyap we provide services of the most qualified corporate lawyers who are trained and licensed in both US and India to deal with the matters listed above. We provide these legal services through our New Delhi and Gurgaon offices, online, as well as in-person, onsite visits for larger international corporations.

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