Medical Litigation

Modern medicine has given rise to procedures and treatments of increasing complexity that require greater and greater levels of care and expertise from practitioners. This has skyrocketed the rates of medical suits – both for valid injuries, and frivolous grievances. Meanwhile, the Indian legal fraternity remains ill-equipped to handle this deluge of cases – resulting in a lack of justice served on both sides.

But Kashyap and Kashyap is here to help. Our Medical Litigation Team has a unique combination of litigation experience and knowledge of the medical industry and regulations that allows us to effectively represent our clients.
We represent clients in Medical Malpractice lawsuits against a health care provider or hospital for improper care, medication errors, missed or delayed diagnoses, surgical errors, system failures, lapses in judgment, or improper nursing care, and any other medical issues under the sun.

The medical malpractice lawyers at Kashyap and Kashyap are licensed and trained who aggressively litigate claims for serious injuries or death arising from many different types of malpractice. We litigate both civil claims under the Consumer Protection Act in Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum (District, State & National) and criminal claims in the Delhi and Gurgaon courts.

We Can Help!
At Kashyap and Kashyap, we represent every sector of the health care industry, including pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, home health care providers, nursing homes, dialysis providers, health benefit plans and third-party administrators in government investigations, governmental litigation and administrative proceedings, internal investigations and compliance reviews, and complex civil litigation.

Our effective and accurate litigation support services benefit the clients. Be it preparation of litigation strategy, court documents related to litigation or any other kind of litigation support services, our team of lawyers are always ready to help with any kind of legal trouble.

Our offices use only the most selected and qualified advocates available, trained and licensed in both the US and India. We provide these legal services through our New Delhi and Gurgaon offices, online, as well as in-person, onsite visits for larger international corporations.

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