Medical Office Management

Running a medical practice involves a good many non-medical tasks. From creating a management plan, managing and recruiting staff, managing patient relationships, seizing and maintaining prominence in the marketplace, satisfying all stakeholders, maintaining legal compliance, etc - the list of your practice's non-medical needs can easily overwhelm the basic task of healing the ill. Moreover, these processes often require skill and expertise that has little to do with your own medical training.

At Kashyap and Kashyap, our practice management team consists of seasoned professionals with both medical office management expertise and legal knowledge. Our team functions at a peer advisor level, focusing on growing your practice areas threw recruiting, addition of ancillary services, development of joint ventures with other providers or hospitals and cost reduction and efficiency improvements.

An Involved Process
We offer simple practice evaluation to comprehensive practice management services. Medical practice is a very dynamic business model industry, and we are able to conform your practice with the business model that suits your long term business goals. We offer a bouquet of services to suit your specific needs:

  • Practice Management
  • Interim or Permanent Management Services
  • Physician, Staff and Executive Recruiting
  • Governance and Corporate Structure
  • Practice Startups
  • Web designing and marketing
  • Buy ins and Buyouts
  • Acquisitions and Mergers
  • Compliance Strategies
  • Planning Training Programs
  • Revenue Cycle Management

We Can Help!
At Kashyap & Kashyap, we provide affordable, low cost services and exceptional legal advice to clients of every size and type - hospitals, medical staffs and committees, institutional review boards, boards of trustees, managed care organisations, health systems and health system executives, physicians and physician organisations, surgical centres, pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacies, mental health institutions and professionals, and liability carriers with compliance issues, quality improvement measures, and all types of disputes.

Our offices use only the most selected and qualified corporate lawyers available, trained and licensed in both the US and India. We provide these legal services through our New Delhi and Gurgaon offices, online, as well as in-person, onsite visits for larger international corporations.

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