Talent Contracts

When obtaining an engagement as a performer, entertainer, or artist, or on the other side, engaging the services of a performer, entertainer, or artist, it is vital to get the terms of the engagement penned down in an enforceable manner. This is especially important if the engagement is across national borders – but is still critical even if within one’s own backyard.

Whether getting an agent representation, going booking an engagement, or entering a management contract, steering through the legal formalities of a talent agreement involves a time-consuming and complex process. Whether you are dealing with a young rookie or working with experienced companies, handling it alone can prove a costly business decision.

A Complex Process

Signing in a talent contract is a complex process, not to be entered into lightly. At Kashyap and Kashyap, our attorneys are skilled and experienced with every stage of this process – from early negotiation, to drafting, to final execution and revision – and can help you through the procedure.

Negotiation: Starting with an offer of engagement, it can be difficult forming a binding services contract. Whereas most offers are framed as “take it or leave it”, the truth is that you often have many more options than the opposite party would want you to believe. We can help negotiate the terms for you, if you are not satisfied with the terms of an offer, or just need to work out the fine-print. This comprises drawing up a list of enforceable terms, and thoroughly negotiating with opposing counsel to get you the best deal you can get.

Drafting: After you have a talent-employer agreement with another party, the deal still must be solemnized into a binding distribution contract. While you may think the deal settled, it will be tough to hold the other party to the agreed upon terms. Getting from an offer or agreement, to a binding contract can be tricky. We, at Kashyap and Kashyap, can help – by drafting a contract that communicates the totality of your agreement, in a form carefully tailored to protect your interests and within the limits of the law of the land.

Execution: When a talent-employer contract is negotiated and written, it still must be implemented to become binding. While enactment is usually a simple process, making deals across borders can make this process a burdensome ordeal. Our attorneys work to enable the execution of contracts across borders, to ensure that the necessary requirements for all appropriate jurisdictions are met to solemnize your agreement and make it enforceable.

Review: At Kashyap and Kashyap, we can also help examine talent-employer contracts you’ve signed with a detailed review process. We will pull out the pertinent details of your contract – translating “legalese” into clear and concise terms for you. We can also position these terms into the larger legal context – explaining just what rights are augmented or surrendered away by the agreement, and how much of the contract can be enforced on either party.

We Can Help!

Going through the process of entering into a talent contract unaided can prove difficult without experienced legal advice. But we are here to help.

At Kashyap and Kashyap, our offices can help with the process of drafting and entering the right talent contract for you. We are with you to help in the form of contract drafting, negotiation, or review. We also provide wide-ranging consultation services, for both specific issues and overall legal advice.

Our offices use only the most selected and qualified corporate lawyers available, trained and licensed in both the US and India. We provide these legal services through our New Delhi and Gurgaon offices, online, as well as in-person, onsite visits for larger international corporations.

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