Ramanpreet Sidhu has a vast amount of experience with intellectual property and corporate law including the formation of companies of varying structures, drafting and filing intellectual property registrations, preparing briefs on protection options for intellectual property, analysing the technical aspects of patent claims, and determining the viability of legal claims based on protected material.

He studied BBA-LLB with a specialization in Corporate and International law from The North Cap University. During his studies, he was an active member of the ‘Centre for Intellectual Property, Advocacy, Research and Training’ and was a research member for the Legal Aid Cell of the University.

Over the course of his academic ventures, Ramanpreet Sidhu has conducted extensive research in the field of information technology, space law and intellectual property and worked with a plethora of law firms, advocates and judges on these areas. Through this, he has developed a remarkable level of skill and insight into the working of the law of corporations, intellectual property, and investment.