Contract Drafting Competition 2018

The Kashyap and Kashyap Contract Drafting Competition seeks to engage with the students of law in India in an effort to introduce and develop the art of modern legal drafting, especially contract drafting. At Kashyap and Kashyap, we understand the ever-growing need for competent and efficient legal-drafting skills. No matter where a young lawyer goes in this world, good legal-drafting skills are always appreciated and are certainly one of the defining factors for a lawyer.

Today, many employers test language and drafting skills before taking hiring decisions as well. Despite its formidable role in law practice, most law schools do little to impart nay meaningful education in the art and craft of modern legal drafting. With the Kashyap and Kashyap Contract Drafting Competition, we hope to attract the attention of law students towards the art of contract drafting. This competition strays from the generic competitions that law students are accustomed to and unlike those, the statutes and judicial decisions (though relevant) are not stressed upon in this.

The subject matter of the Kashyap and Kashyap Contract Drafting Competition also provides the participants a unique opportunity to work in areas where the laws and regulations are expansive and require extensive research.

Participants will have to address the legal challenges of their fictional client all the while being exposed to interesting and contemporary public policies of different nations. We are of belief that such a problem would have a huge impact over the minds of the future lawyers as they would be opening up to new avenues of law. We hope to not only develop the legal-drafting skills of the participants but to develop and nurture their already existing legal research skills to provide them with a phenomenal skill set which would be their cornerstone.

Important Dates: -
Registration closes: July 31, 2018

Last date for submission: August 12, 2018

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